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Member Interview - Mike Fisher and Marisa Rohrer

With a combined 40+ years in real estate, Mike and Marisa are industry leaders in Chicagoland, implementing proven systems to generate quality seller referrals and manage hundreds of doors as property managers. Contact them at or When it comes to residential real estate, most successful investors will tell you that 80% of their time is focused on two things. Finding Deals and Funding Deals. It's no secret... motivated seller leads are the life-blood for real estate investors. If you are investing in a highly competitive market... packed with flippers and wholesalers... ... competition for those leads is fierce… That means generating motivated seller leads is only part of the equation. You also have to convince those leads to CHOOSE YOU over your competitors. When it comes to raising Private Money. A lot of lenders, especially newer lenders… admit they are more concerned about picking the right investor over the right deal. So how do you Stand Out in a crowded market? That’s exactly what I'm going to be talking about on this channel For the Real Estate Investor who wants to stand out click below to get a FREE copy of our newest book Real Estate Investor Book Writing Checklist