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I was working really hard and getting nowhere!

For years I owned and operated my own remodeling company. I worked really hard every day but couldn't seem to get ahead. One night I came home after an especially hard day and sat down at my desk to do even more work. I was broken and dreaded the fact that I had to do it all over again the next day.

As I was going through emails I came across an email from a gentleman offering to teach people how to make money and create cashflow in real estate. That email changed my life and gave me a passion to help others discover the financial freedom I found in real estate.

I'm Mike Fisher and I want to help you create a lifetime of cashflow and a legacy for the generations to come. 


Hey there, I’m Mike Fisher and I love helping people cashflow!


I'm the Founder and CEO of Get CashFlow Today.  Starting my career as a builder/contractor, I gained 20+ years of experience building customer relationships, negotiating supplier and subcontractor contracts, and performing hands on building, renovations and rehabilitation of homes, apartments and other commercial structures. In 2008, I decided to embark on a career in real estate investing, building my own investment portfolio while helping others learn and explore opportunities for developing their own real estate investment strategy. As a dedicated real estate investor, I have developed my personal portfolio to over 60 units and growing strong!  Providing turnkey property solutions to many new and experienced investors seeking to start or expand their portfolio in the South Suburban areas of Chicago, Illinois.  As a small business owner knowledgeable in this particular market, I am able to provide a high degree of personalized service and continually endeavor to identify and select the most suitable and sensible solutions based on an individual investors’ style, goals and objectives.

Through educational events (Meet ups), personalized market and property tours, and service referrals, I guide real estate investors through the process to easily locate, finance and purchase properties in desirable markets with a high degree of confidence and peace of mind. I also buy properties from sellers who are interested in disposing select properties when it makes sense.

I consider it a privilege to help educate new or potential investors about opportunities for enhancing cash flow in real estate with in my area of expertise.  


"Whatever you fear and don't face controls you.”

- mike fisher


Mike Fisher is committed to building lasting relationships with new and experienced investors. He prides himself on being a trusted advisers to clients, making investing in real estate easy by providing educational opportunities, networking, and access to other resources that facilitate a positive real estate investment experience and maximizes cash flow for clients.


talk with mike himself and explore amazing opportunities in real estate!

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