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Do Not Make These Mistakes as a New Landlord

Do Not Make These Mistakes as a New Landlord
Do Not Make These Mistakes as a New Landlord When you are new to rental property ownership it is easy to make mistakes due to a lack of experience. We’d like to share some of the avoidable errors based on many years of exper... read more >>

2021 Rental Assistance Program

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Illinois Housing Development Authority has announced the 2021 Illinois Rental Payment Program is offering another round of grants.  ILRPP is an emergency rental assistance program designed to support Illinois tenants struggli... read more >>

What Your Chicago Property Manager Should Being Doing

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Are you unhappy with the way your current property management company is managing your investment property? Let’s look at all the things your property manager should be doing for you. We work with a lot of investors who... read more >>

Interview on Finding Success with MF Cashflow

Interview with a current investor on finding success with MF Cashflow after negative results with other property managers.  He is now spending less time worrying about his investments and more time enjoying a positive cash fl... read more >>

Member Interview - Mike Fisher and Marisa Rohrer

With a combined 40+ years in real estate, Mike and Marisa are industry leaders in Chicagoland, implementing proven systems to generate quality seller referrals and manage hundreds of doors as property managers. Contact them at&nbs... read more >>
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