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Positive Cash Flow and Chicago Property Investments

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As a Chicago rental investor, your goal is to earn more than you are spending on your rental property. The definition is pretty simple, but actually earning that positive cash flow requires more than a tenant and a rental payment.... read more >>

Budgeting for Routine Maintenance & Emergency Repairs

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Successfully investing in Chicago rental property means earning consistent cash flow through rental income and building wealth for the future. There’s a lot of money to be made in the Chicago real estate market, especially ... read more >>

Is it Time to Sell Your Chicago Rental Property?

Property Management Blog
Is it Time to Sell Your Chicago Rental Property?Have you been frustrated and seriously thinking that it may be time to sell your Chicago investment property? Maybe you should...but maybe it’s just a matter of seeking b... read more >>

Occupancy is Vital to Cashflow

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When you want to maintain and increase your cash flow, you need to avoid vacancies. If your rental property is left vacant too long it will be very tough on your balance sheet.  When you work with MF Cashflow Property Manage... read more >>

Current Status of Tenant Evictions in Illinois

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As there has been a change in the eviction rules related to Covid-19 in Illinois we wanted to provide an update of the situation in the Chicago area. The Illinois moratorium on evictions was extended from July 31 to Aug 22. This b... read more >>
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