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Ensure A Rent-Ready Property with these Full Rent-Ready Requirements

Ensure A Rent-Ready Property with these Full Rent-Ready Requirements

For landlords and property managers, being "Rent-Ready" is essential. You could lose significant time and money by renting out a rental that isn't ready. For a landlord, showings take a lot of time, and showing a property that isn't "Rent-Ready" is a waste of time. Setting the tone for the entire relationship during the showings is crucial! Make the most of it by displaying a well-maintained, clean property that a tenant can picture oneself in the moment they enter. Rental properties should be clean, fresh, and bright. 

Full Rent-Ready Requirements

Know what your state requires in order to rent your property. Below is a suggested list to make your investment "Rent-Ready."


  1. Property professionally cleaned and free of trash and debris, inside and outside. 

  2. Carpet professionally cleaned and looked fresh.

  3. No personal property or items in the unit. This includes furniture, bathroom items, soap dispensers, pictures, etc. 

  4. No lawn equipment including mowers, tools, etc. 

  5. Garage floor swept

  6. No exterior debris

  7. Lawn cut and trimmed

  8. Landscaping fresh and clean

  9. Carbon monoxide and smoke detectors per local codes

  10. All light bulbs working

  11. Doors open and close smoothly and doorsteps installed on all doors. 

  12. Bathroom caulking must be fresh and free of any mildew.

  13. All mechanical components working as designed. Includes HVAC, new furnace filter, plumbing and electrical systems, kitchen appliances, laundry appliances, sump pumps, etc.

  14. Safety railings secure

  15. Exterior window wells require covers

  16. Wood-burning fireplace(s), if operational, shall be clean of any debris and have a fireplace screen or heat proof glass doors installed.If non-operational, the fireplace opening on the interior of the home shall be permanently sealed with an aesthetically pleasing material. 

  17. Any and all trip hazards must be remedied so that the unit is deemed habitable. 

This list does not mean to cover each and make-ready required item, but it does list some of the most important and often overlooked.

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