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  • We give late fee’s back to you, the owner!

  • Work with two-year leases saving you money on property refreshes, tenant placement and vacancy losses.

  • Repairs due to tenant negligence is billed back to the tenant.

  • Monthly statements saving you on bookkeeping costs.

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  • Advanced technology to quickly advertise our vacancies simultaneously on 83 rental websites.

  • We average less than 30 days to find a great tenant for your vacant home.

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  • Detailed 3-step tenant screening process and meticulous due diligence provides us a selective network of first-rate tenants.

  • Our team effectively processes evictions from start to finish.

  • Acclimated with Section 8 paperwork and procedures.

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  • Preventative maintenance & periodic interior/exterior inspections to ensure your property is properly cared for.

  • Maintenance video provided to tenants to walk them through properly maintaining the home.

  • Highly equipped in-house maintenance team providing quick and cost-effective solutions so you can rest easy and CashFlow!

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24/7 full access to our online portal where you can review reports with payments, work orders, pictures, inspections, leases, etc.


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