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Working with MF Cashflow Will Help Increase Your Cash Flow

When you’re looking for property management in Chicagoland, we encourage you to contact our team at MF Cashflow. There are a lot of great reasons to work with us, but the best reason to choose our team is that we can help increase the cash you earn on your rental property. 

For us, earning more on your Chicagoland rental property comes down to three key things: 

  • Communication

  • Maintenance Response 

  • Keeping Occupancy

Let’s talk more about what this means for you.

Chicago Property Management: Communication

Communication is vitally important in any relationship. It’s especially critical when we’re talking about property management. This is key because there needs to be clear communication between you and your property managers (us!). If there’s something going on with your property, we need to get in touch with you. It’s important to have all of your contact information so we can reach you quickly to talk through problems and come to decisions. 

It’s also very important that you’re able to reach us when you have a question or a concern or even an idea. We’re here for all of our owners and tenants. We answer our phones, we return your emails, and we respond to your text messages. Our team values communication, and we work hard to stay in touch with you in all matters concerning your investment property. 

Increasing Cash Flow through Responsive Maintenance

Another great way to earn more cash flow is by paying attention to maintenance and using high-quality, cost-effective repair people when work is needed at your property. 

Luckily, we have an amazing in-house property maintenance team. It really helps us to keep costs down for our owners and to respond to repair needs quickly. More importantly, we have a 24/7 maintenance hotline that tenants can call when something is wrong. Tenants want to be heard, especially when something isn’t right. We’re here to answer those calls and ask the right questions to diagnose the problem. Then, we send the right person out to manage the job.  

Retaining Tenants and Avoiding Vacancy

That responsiveness to maintenance issues also relates to vacancy and turnover. If tenants feel like their property manager is not responding to maintenance needs in a timely manner, they’re going to leave. We want to keep your good tenants in place, and that helps to increase your cash flow and reduce your turnover expenses. 

Keeping tenants in place is important. If you lose your renters every year, it’s going to cost money getting your property back into rent-ready condition and paying the leasing fee. Avoiding vacancy is an important part of your cash flow. 

When you do have a tenant who moves out, we act quickly to ensure the vacancy period is as short as possible. Within 72 hours, we get inside to clean out the house and make any necessary repairs before we put the property back on the market. Then, we use an aggressive online advertising campaign that includes showing your home on more than 80 websites and the MLS. We market the heck out of your property to get the best tenant in place.  

If you’d like to hear more about why working with us can improve your cash flow, please contact us at MF Cashflow. We’d love the opportunity to tell you more about our Chicagoland property management services.