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As a landlord or investor, there are several things you have to consider in finding a property manager. These qualities may show in the beginning of your relationship, but what if through the years they tend not to be dependable anymore? Not satisfying. Not easy to work with. And things suddenly change ---for the worst!  

How do you know you are ready to make that switch? We listed the common areas why you should think through changing your current property manager.

1. Maintenance repairs are not resolved in a timely manner –When you rarely receive feedback or reports about maintenance repairs. Or, your property manager ignores your service requests. These may result in more serious consequences.

We have a 24/7 maintenance hotline for all maintenance calls that are handled in house to be the most efficient and least costly. Many of the incoming calls can be resolved without sending a technician to the property. E.G. Reset a GFI outlet or change the thermostat setting from heat to cool, instructions to shut off the water to prevent additional damages. 

2. Poor communication –Most of your calls and emails are not returned. The property manager assigned to you changes quickly and so you no longer know who to talk to anymore. Poor communication may be an issue for both landlord and tenant. Lack of communication can lead to misunderstanding, low rapport and eventually client loss.

We are proactive and keep our lines open. Communication is key in this business to get you the maximum benefits.  

3. Local laws / Housing (Not Adhering to Laws) –All property managers should be well-informed in laws which includes housing laws, rental assistance programs with equal opportunity for tenants.

MF CashFlow is current with all municipality, county and state requirements to serve you at the maximum capacity. 

4. Lack of Inspections –In cases when your property manager has inadequate or irregular routine inspections, you might need to consider this a red flag!

We conduct inspections on a regular basis to fix minor problems before they may become worse as this will prevent costly damages in the future and tenants will become more secure knowing we are not violating any lease provisions.

5. Property stayed in the market for too long –Check your investment status. If your property tends to sit on the market for a long period of time, uh-oh! This isn’t a good sign at all! 

We market the property for rent on the MLS which syndicates to nearly 80 other websites including and We monitor the showing activity along with comments to get you the maximum results. 

6. Does not have accessible PM software –If you don’t seem to get the ease of information of how your property is doing or it does not give you the functionality and security of data you need. You might want to think it over.

MF CashFlow provides you with an efficient and reliable hi tech property management system to keep track of all your property investment operations.

7. Trust is compromised –When most of the important factors are not met, the relationship between the landlord or investor and the property manager may be at its end.

Overall, a property manager should make your life easier while optimizing the value of your property.

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