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Tired of being a landlord? Read this before you decide to sell!

Tired of being a landlord? Read this before you decide to sell!

My husband's life-long dream was to be a landlord. He knew it would be a great source for cashflow. He is handy, so maintenance was not an issue. Or so we thought….

  • We would get calls for ridiculous things like a door knob needing to be tightened.
  • In order to address maintenance issues, plans with family and friends had to be dropped.
  • Not just plans, but when you have a full time job and it’s urgent…that’s a problem.

Why not use a handyman, you ask?

  • They have schedule’s too. They cannot drop everything just to get to your rental property. As they say, timing is everything.

With Property Management, they are dedicated to the properties they manage. They take the calls- 24/7 and provide a prompt response!

Our second major issue was the dreaded tenant turnover. Some landlords are lucky enough to have long term tenants. We were not so lucky. 

  • While you want action on the property, you do have a life! 
  • Juggling a full-time job and family and friends while taking calls, scheduling showings and showing the actual property is a pain!
  • Aside from juggling everything, there is a huge amount of stress having a vacant rental. 
  • The rental also needs to be cleaned and repaired which is simply more time away from work and family.

With Property Management everything is taken care of for you. They take the calls and they show the property. Not only that, they have the resources to conduct full background checks and credit investigations. They will handle the clean up and repairs so you don’t have to. 

Let’s talk about the money, shall we?

  • Our tenant’s would call with sob stories on why the rent would be late and beg for us not to charge the late fee that is in the actual rental agreement. 
  • When one partner wants to stick with the lease and charge the fee while the other gives in, it creates unnecessary friction at home.
  • Upon move out the tenant has certain rights as to what a landlord can or cannot hold back.

With Property Management it is their job to be well versed on all of the rental laws. The PM not only collects rent, they do property accounting, provide monthly statements, yearly 1099’s and distribute the rent by direct deposit.

In summary, had we known how TRULY AFFORDABLE Property Management is and everything that it entails, we never would have sold our rental and I bet we would have purchased more! ~A.T., former landlord

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