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Positive Cash Flow and Chicago Property Investments

Positive Cash Flow and Chicago Property Investments

As a Chicago rental investor, your goal is to earn more than you are spending on your rental property. The definition is pretty simple, but actually earning that positive cash flow requires more than a tenant and a rental payment.  

Positive cash flow also requires local expertise and industry experience. MF Cashflow Team is a full-service Chicago area property management company.  We have built a business helping investors like you bring in the bottom line, which to us means bringing in the cash.

We design plans that are customized to your needs and your investment goals. We do it as a team, and that approach helps you start to see your earnings increase quickly.

Insist on Value from your Chicago Property Manager: Pricing for Cash Flow

Almost every property manager we meet is capable of rental management: placing a tenant and collecting rent. But, does your Chicago manager really provide value to you and your investment? Are you able to see the results of their services?  

We get to know your property very well, and we compare it to all the other properties on the market before we price it. Our data is a great resource for owners because it means we don’t price your home too high (longer vacancy) and we don’t price it too low (lost cash flow). We price it exactly where the market wants it and the result of our research and knowledge is a rental price that’s competitive and profitable.

Avoiding and Managing Evictions in Chicago

We don’t like to evict tenants because it results in an empty rental unit and it stalls your cash flow. Our team has a number of strategies in place to avoid eviction and ensure your rent is paid in a timely and consistent manner. Apartment management and tenant selection is our strength.

Sometimes evictions are unavoidable, however. When this unfortunate experience involves you and your rental property – don’t worry. We have the best attorney to handle evictions. Our legal team communicates transparently, knows the system and the requirements, and the paperwork and the judges. You won’t need to be concerned about the court process or stress about losing more money than you have to.

You’re not saving money on a tenant who refuses to pay or communicate. You’re not saving money on an eviction attorney who isn’t making things happen through the courts as quickly as possible.

I understand your pain not just because I’m a professional property manager in Chicago, but because I own a portfolio of rental properties, too. I know how painful it is when your property isn’t earning what it should be. We can help improve it.  

Work with the Best to Achieve your Goals

Our team at MF Cashflow Property Management Team can help you find out what it really means to have a rental property that cash flows. We have been named in the top 10 best property management companies in the Chicago suburbs.  

We know apartment management. We know the Chicago and Chicago suburban markets because of the many years we have worked in those areas. We know the properties in the neighborhoods, the tenants, and the various city ordinances. We know how to price the rentals, make required repairs, and keep the tenants in place longer. 

Your investment property is our focus. Using the best real estate management company is a successful investment strategy for your cash flow.