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 Three simple solutions

1. Quick As-Is Sale - We’ll buy the house for cash and close on your timeline.

2. Real Estate Listing Sale - Utilizing our Compass Concierge Program to pay for the updates that are needed to sell at full market potential.

3. Rent the Home for Cash Flow - We’ll find you a tenant, manage the property and send you a check every month.

What is a Quick Sale?

It’s just like it sounds, we buy your house in under 30 days for cash. You don’t have to fix it up, deal with open houses, or worry about how long it will be on the market.

What is a Real Estate Listing Sale?

Just like your used to, our real estate listing sale helps you get your home on the market and sold, only better! We’ve partnered with Compass Concierge to get you more money for your home while selling it faster!

What is the Compass Concierge Program?
The Compass Concierge program offers services exclusively to Compass clients to consult on and front the costs associated with non-structural home-selling improvements. A few examples may be staging, painting or cleaning.

What is the benefit of the Compass Concierge Program?
Compass Concierge hopes this program empowers Compass agents to win more listings and secure higher commission rates, while benefiting clients by selling homes more quickly and at a higher price. By fronting the costs of getting a home ready for sale, Compass is also providing a convenient way for clients to improve their homes before sale.

How can my client participate in the program?
For your client to enroll, please complete the Compass Concierge Request Form on their behalf. This form will require you to submit a summary of recommended property updates and will provide the basis for the Service Agreement approved by the Compass Concierge team. Only one form should be submitted for each Listing.

What prerequisites are required for my client to be eligible to participate?
Sellers interested in participating in the program must review and execute the Compass Concierge Services Agreement. Additionally, the property must be subject to an exclusive Listing Agreement with Compass. Compass recommends that your listing agreement be for a minimum of 12 months from the date the client signs the Compass Concierge services agreement (provided it is in the best interests of your client, you may want to take this opportunity to amend the original listing agreement to extend the exclusivity period). If a property is subject to a co-brokerage agreement with a Compass Agent and a non-Compass Agent, please reach out to to discuss options.

In addition, before offering this program to your clients, Compass recommends that you look into the following to determine if the property is a good candidate for the program:
• Verify that there are no outstanding liens against the property; and
• Confirm that the owner has sufficient equity in the property to cover the fee.

What prerequisites are required for contractors to be eligible under the program?
Contractors must meet all applicable state and local license, permit and insurance requirements. Contractors must be able to provide a W9 at the time of invoicing along with appropriate payment instructions. Contractors must sign a property-specific Hold Harmless Agreement. Compass reserves the right to decline program access to certain contractors in its sole discretion.

What are my obligations under the program as the Compass Listing Agent?
Agents who want to submit properties for participation in the Compass Concierge program will need to complete the Compass Concierge Agent Participation Agreement.

Is there a maximum threshold for the cost of services that Compass will provide?
There is currently no maximum threshold for the costs of services but Compass reserves the right, taking into account the listing price of the property and any other relevant factors, to impose a cap on a case-by-case basis. It is recommended that the total cost of the quoted services be less than or equal to 3% of the property’s expected initial Listing Price. Submissions requesting more than 2% will be subject to additional review by the Concierge team.

What types of services can be provided through the program?
Home preparation services provided through Compass Concierge include staging, deep cleaning, non-structural renovations, decluttering, landscaping, painting and similar cosmetic items.

Are there any restrictions on the services offered?
The Compass Concierge Program will provide services for cosmetic and non-structural improvements to the property listing. Under the program, home improvement services such as construction, floor installation, and other non-cosmetic services are not covered.

How will the cost of services rendered be repaid to Compass Concierge?
The relevant Compass Concierge fee will be due at the earlier of (a) the closing of the sale of the property or (b) 12 months from the date of the Compass Concierge Services Agreement. The fee associated with the services will be equal to the amount paid by Compass to the contractor(s).

Does Compass provide approved contractors for these services?
Compass is working on creating a preferred contractor pool but this is not currently available. If you have suggestions for a contractor who should be a preferred contractor please send any relevant information to

What is the payment process for contractors? How will they be reimbursed?
Once a project has been approved for the program, the Listing Agent will receive an email with instructions for getting a contractor into the payment system and submitting invoices for payment. When the Agent submits a Vendor Payment Request Form, the submission will be reviewed and processed for payment (given all required documents are provided) within 5 business days. Once processed, the vendor will receive payment within 10 business days if paid by check, and within 1-3 business days (depending on the vendor's bank) if processed via ACH.

What happens if the listing does not sell during the term of the exclusive?
In the event that the listing does not sell during the term of the exclusive, or the Listing Agreement is terminated for any or no reason (including the property going off market), the Owner is responsible for promptly paying Compass a Termination Fee equal to any actual costs incurred by Compass for the specified work performed.

How do I add additional services or extend a contractor for an additional time period?
The Services Agreement contains an exhibit that clients should complete for the initial services. Additional versions of this same exhibit can be provided at any time to ensure full coverage of any services.

How does this program affect Agent commissions?
The Compass Concierge program is a separate contract between an Owner and a non-brokerage Compass entity. Agent commission is not implicated by this contract.

What is renting the home for CashFlow?

Maybe you want to keep the property as an investment. We can help with that too! Mike Fisher and the MF Cashflow Team of KamBri Realty are Chicagoland property management experts. We will find the tenants, schedule repairs, collect rent and send you a check each month.

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