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Get CashFlow Today is committed to building lasting relationships with new and experienced investors. We pride ourselves on being trusted advisers to clients, making investing in real estate easy by providing educational opportunities, networking, and access to other resources that facilitate a positive real estate investment experience and maximizes cash flow for clients.

Get CashFlow Today is a full-service real estate investment company specializing in residential and multi-family property acquisitions, rehabilitation, tenant screening and placement, and property management for investors seeking opportunities to invest passively in select markets while building wealth with a long term commitment.

We always intends to provide clear benefits to its clients, offering a broad spectrum of services that allows investors to rest easy while we manage the details. Services offered included:

  • Investing education and networking opportunities
  • Access to clean, safe and affordable housing primarily in “B” class properties
  • Turnkey properties with maintenance guarantees
  • Top-notch property management services provided by Get CashFlow Today, Inc.
  • Renovation and property maintenance services
  • Referrals to other professional services that may be needed by investors such as legal counsel, banking/lender, certified public accountant, insurance, etc.

GCFT works with select homeowners who desire financial relief caused by life events such as job loss, foreclosure, divorce, death, estate, etc.


Get CashFlow Today is committed to building lasting relationships with new and experienced investors. We pride ourselves on being a trusted advisor to clients, making investing in real estate easy by providing educational opportunities, networking, and access to other resources that facilitate a positive real estate investment experience and maximizes cash flow for clients.


Providing superior value and service is the crux of our business model. Get CashFlow Today buys, renovates, and sells single-family properties with the end goal always being a high return on investment. We understand what it takes to succeed in this unique and thriving market. When an investor purchases a property from our company they are expecting a positive investment experience coupled with peace of mind and security. Get CashFlow Today’ owner, Mike Fisher, has worked very hard to develop a company that offers predictable outcomes as much as possible for investors trying to mitigate risks and create positive cash flow.

We intend to make investing in real estate easy by educating new investors on how to create and build passive income, network with experienced investors to build their inventory, and provide property disposal to owners in situations where it makes most sense. We provide clean safe affordable housing primarily in the “B” class. Get CashFlow Today currently invests in over 30 holding long term properties located throughout the Southwest Suburbs of Chicago and we have found this is where you get your greatest Cash Flow.

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I have rental properties in 3 different markets and if there’s one thing I know is that the success of your rentals heavily depends on the quality of the management company you hire. The team at Get CashFlow Today makes life easy for me and has been huge to my success in this market. Everything from finding a property that fits within your criteria to finding a good tenant quickly, to working with the tenant through issues and getting questions answered from start to finish Get CashFlow Today is highly responsive and efficient. They really are all about their customers and seem to go out of their way to make things happen. I appreciate their hard work and everything they’ve done for me.
— Kyle M.

Get CashFlow Today and Mike Fisher are very knowledgeable in every aspect of a turnkey property, investment purchase, from market, to acquisition, to great tenant placement and everything in between!! It really is the REAL DEAL! I bought a property in January with equity appreciation, tons of CASH FLOW, and all the greatest knowledge from Get CashFlow Today on the day of the closing. Thank you Get CashFlow Today for everything that you do, and lets go find another great cash flowing property!
— Kevin McCann

Get CashFlow Today is a great business resource and ideal local market specialists. From an investment perspective, they provided lucrative investment opportunities and great properties.
— Steve

Having met Mike a few years ago, I have always admired the good company he keeps and the opportunistic business segments he’s focused on. Mike is one of those people who has identified a niche and sticks to it, finding ways to achieve profitability when others have been wiped out. His ability to work with talented people, locating profitable investments, and capacity to sort through tumultuous markets and still come out on top is truly remarkable. I strongly encourage those seeking to invest in distressed real estate to make Mike a trusted member of your team.
— Kevin Connors

Never before did I think that I would pay someone to spend the day with them. After meeting with Mike, I must say that this was one of the best investments I have made. He gave me knowledge and insight into the real estate investing market that I never knew! With him fine tuning my system, I know that I will see results. I would highly recommend anyone that is thinking about signing up for a day with him to do it! It’s definitely worth it! Thanks again Mike!”
— Ricardo

Get CashFlow Today (Mike Fisher) is an extremely valuable resource in the area of real estate investing. Mike has a unique ability to identify a solid residential real estate opportunity, and to move it to a rehab for sale or a rental property. His thorough knowledge of market trends, rehab trends, project budgets, cost management, as well as his focus on efficiency and profitability, make him a valued asset in the residential real estate arena.
— John Z.

Mike with Get CashFlow Today sold me a great cash flowing property. He had a tenant in place already and is now managing the property he fixed up...talk about turnkey property. He was very flexible and understanding of my needs and showed great patience when the loan originator was having unusually long delays. If you want an honest and responsive team member for your real estate investments needs in the Chicago area, Mike is your man!
— Hilawe S.

Our Team

Mike   President & CEO


President & CEO

Deanna   Assistant Property Manager


Assistant Property Manager

Brittany   Assistant to the CEO


Assistant to the CEO


Available Properties

Want to start cashflowing with Mike Fisher? Here are some available properties ready for you!

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14529 Murray Ave, Dolton IL 

Price:  $121,000

CashFlow:  $245

ROI:  23.7%

*New Kitchen  *New Baths    *Hardwood Floors

4 bedroom.png

14319 Dobson Ave, Dolton, IL

Price:  $139,000

CashFlow:  $260

ROI:  23.1%

*Tenant Occupied, Lease Until April 2020

*New Kitchen  *New Baths  *Hardwood Floors  *Finished Basement

Cashflow Ready.png

15330 Hastings, Dolton, IL

Price:  $110,000

CashFlow:  $298

ROI:  26.6%

*Tenant Occupied until May 2019 

Cashflow Ready.png

15307 Hastings, Dolton IL  

Price: 110,000

CashFlow: $234

ROI: 24.2%

* Tenant Occupied, Lease Until April 2019


14509 Chicago Rd, Dolton IL

Price:   $101,900

CashFlow:   $148

ROI:   21.3%

* Tenant Occupied 

*New Furnace   *New Windows   *New Water Heater   *Hardwood Floors

Click for Property Details & Proforma - 14509 Chicago Rd